Aerial view of Målselvutløpet


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  • Area: 
    1,287.5 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    69°16'N 18°30'E
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Målselvutløpet is an active delta with sandy substrate, shore vegetation and small forested islands, some of which contain flooded birch and willow forest habitats. The delta, one of the largest in Troms County, lies at the outlet of the River Målselva into the Malangen fjord. The stages of plant succession vary from pioneer communities to stable communities. Målselvsutløpet constitutes an important migration, staging and moulting area for waterfowl, especially for mergansers. The area is also a winter staging area for ducks and swans. The most numerous species observed are the red-breasted merganser (Mergus serrator), whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus), and velvet scoter (Melanitta fusca) and long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis), both of which are classified as vulnerable. Small flocks of waders can also be observed during spring. The Site is the largest salmon river in Troms and is ranked as a national salmon watercourse. An important stock of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) migrate through the Site. The area is used for sports, fishing, berry picking and some forms of outdoor recreation. Run-off from surrounding agriculture and built-up areas poses a threat to the ecological character of the Site.

Administrative region: 
Troms and Finnmark County

  • National legal designation: 
    • Nature Reserve - Målselvutløpet
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