Humedales de Guachochi

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Humedales de Guachochi

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    57.5 ha
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    26°50'N 107°07'W
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Humedales de Guachochi. 30/10/13; Chihuahua; 57.5 ha; 26°50’8”N 107°7’31”W. The Site is comprised of eight endorheic reservoirs and lagoons located in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in south-eastern Chihuahua. Its importance is due to its role in controlling and preventing flooding and in retaining seasonal water. It supports numerous species, including migratory birds. Threatened or endangered species include the birds Anas platyrhynchos diazi and Ardea Herodias, the parrot Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha, the endemic squirrel Sciurus aberti durangi and the endemic hare Lepus californicus Sheldoni. It is also important for the Rarámuri indigenous groups that use the Site for subsistence fishing and farming. The distribution of migratory water birds is threatened by deforestation in the surrounding area and the demand for spaces for ecotourism and for water and energy supply. Ramsar Site No.: 2205. Most recent RIS information: 2014.

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