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Bolle di Magadino

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  • Area: 
    663 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    46°09'N 08°52'E
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Bolle di Magadino is one of the last near-natural river estuary landscapes in Switzerland. The Site encompasses the estuaries of the rivers Ticino and Verzasca into Lake Maggiore, and 3.4 kilometres of the lake shore. Bolle di Magadino is characterized by a natural succession of vegetation types ranging from open water to mesophile forests, including groups of aquatic plants, reed beds, wet meadows and alluvial forests. Habitats such as marshes with tall sedges, Salix thickets, Alnus carr and other riverine woodlands create an interlinked mosaic of remarkably rich habitat of high biodiversity and landscape value. The Site is home to an impressive number of rare and endangered species, including some whose distribution in Switzerland is limited to the canton of Ticino. The Site harbours 54 plant and 154 animal species listed on the red lists of endangered species in Switzerland. An additional 25 plant and 87 animal species are protected at the European level. The Site is an important breeding area for many species of waterbirds as well as a significant stop-over and wintering ground for waterfowl. Human activities influencing the Site include nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, tourism, industry, and an airport. The surrounding areas are characterized by intensively cultivated land and urban zones. The Fondazione Bolle di Magadino manages the site and is responsible for the implementation of projects related to species conservation and habitat restoration.

Administrative region: 
Canton of Ticino

  • National legal designation: 
    • Federal Inventory of Mire Landscapes of Particular Beauty and National Importance (1996, SR 451.35) - Piano di Magadino
    • Federal inventory of Alluvial Zones of National Importance (1992, RS 451.31) - Bolle di Magadino
    • Federal inventory of Amphibian Spawning Areas of National Importance (2001, RS 451.34) - Bolle di Magadino
    • Federal inventory of Fenlands of National Importance (1994, RS 451.33) - Bograsso / Bolette
    • Federal inventory of Landscape and Natural Monuments of National Importance (1977, SR 451.11) - Delta del Ticino e della Verzasca
    • Federal reserve for Waterbirds and Migratory Birds of International and National Importance (1991, RS 922.32) - Bolle di Magadino (TI)
    • Protected area (Cantonal level) - Bolle di Magadino
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