Klingnauer Stausee

Klingnauer Stausee

Klingnauer Stausee

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  • Area: 
    364 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    47°35'N 08°13'E
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The Site is located on the alluvial plain of the lower valley of the River Aare, down to the confluence of the Aare with the Rhine. It consists of a reservoir on the Aare, river stretches in a natural state, and periodically flooded fens and alluvial forests. It is protected by the federal inventories of alluvial zones, fenlands and amphibian spawning grounds as well as by a cantonal decree. Despite its location in a densely populated region of the Swiss central plateau, the Site provides a high diversity of habitats such as the open water of the reservoir, watercourses and pond systems, reed beds, marshes and meadows, hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities, willow (Salix) thickets, alluvial and ash (Fraxinus) woodlands. A large number of nationally rare and threatened species can be observed: 393 red-listed plants and 56 threatened bird species. Due to the constant silting of the reservoir, shallow water zones, mudflats and small islands develop which are important feeding grounds for birds, particularly for ducks. The Site is an important overwintering site for birds, and during migration periods it is one of the most important resting places for waders in Switzerland.

Administrative region: 
Canton of Aargau

  • National legal designation: 
    • Cantonal alluvial forest reserve - Auenwaldreservat Koblenzer Giriz, objectno.160_AG_W814
    • Cantonal decree on the protection of the Klingnau reservoir and its sourroundings (no. 761.560) - Klingnauer Stausee und seine Umgebung
    • Cantonal forest reserve - RRB Gippinger Grien, object no.160_AG_W488
    • Federal Inventory of Landscape and Natural Monuments of National Importance (1977, RS 451.11) - Aarelandschaft bei Klingnau, object no. 1109
    • Federal inventory of Alluvial Zones of National Importance (1992, RS 451.31) - Auenreste Klingnauer Stausee (No. 36)
    • Federal inventory of Amphibian Spawning Areas of National Importance (2001, RS 451.34) - Giriz (Object no. AG340) / Gippinger Grien (Object no. AG404)
    • Federal inventory of Fenlands of National Importance (1994, RS 451.33) - Verlandung im Klingnauer Stausee, object no.2370
    • Federal inventory of Fenlands of National Importance (1994, RS 451.33) - Gippinger Grien, object no. 2371
    • Federal reserve for Waterbirds and Migratory Birds of International and National Importance (1991, RS 922.32) - Klingnauerstausee (AG), Objekt Nr. 3
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