Lake Chilwa

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Lake Chilwa

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  • Area: 
    224,800 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    15°15'S 35°45'E
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Lake Chilwa. 14/11/96; Southern Malawi; 224,800 ha; 15°15'S 035°45'E. A shallow, saline lake subject to seasonal variations in water level. Surrounded by dense swamps, neutral to acid marshes, and seasonally inundated grassland floodplains. The lake consists of numerous islands, two of which are permanently inhabited. The lake supports internationally important numbers of 153 species of resident and 30 species of palearctic (migratory) waterbirds. Apart from human settlements, activities include fishing, agriculture (rice and dimba cultivation), and livestock grazing. The fishery annually contributes 25-30% of the total fish production in Malawi. Lake Chilwa is shared with Mozambique. Ramsar site no. 869.

Administrative region: 
Zomba District

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