Sistema Hidrológico de Soncor del Salar de Atacama

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Sistema Hidrológico de Soncor del Salar de Atacama

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    67,133 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    23°18'S 68°10'W
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Sistema Hidrológico de Soncor del Salar de Atacama. 02/12/96; Antofagasta Region; 67,133 ha; 23° 18' S, 68° 10' W. Located in the catchment area of Salar de Atacama, this site is characteristic for presenting a crust of different types of salts, mainly chlorides and sulphates. There is also a hydrological system conformed by a series of superficial channels and lagoons, that together constitute a perfect habitat for waterfowl, many of which are endangered such as the three High Andean flamingo species Phoenicopterus chilensis, Phoenicoparrus jamesi y Phoenicoparrus andinus. This last species is found in the Barros Negros, Chxas and Puilar Lagoons of this site, being their most important reproductive center in the World. These lagoons also represent an important area for resting for inter-hemispheric waterfowl in their migration, such as the species Calidris bairdii, Steganopus tricolor, among others. Sistema Hidrológico de Soncor is located in the National Reserve Los Flamencos, and the main land use focuses in the conservation of natural resources, the public use and recreation in natural spaces. Among the negative impacts that affect this area are the following: uncontrolled tourism, use of underground water for the production of non-metallic mining activities, and the extraction of flamingo eggs. The site is included in the Participative Management Plan of the National Reserve Los Flamencos, and falls under the Management Category IV of IUCN (Habitat/Species Management Area). Last update: 2010.

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    • Reserva Nacional - Los Flamencos
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