Santuario Nacional Los Manglares de Tumbes

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Santuario Nacional Los Manglares de Tumbes

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    2,972 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    03°25'S 80°16'W
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Santuario Nacional Los Manglares de Tumbes. 20/01/97; Tumbes; 2,972 ha; 03°25'S 080°17'W. The greater part of the wetlands comprise creeks (1,800ha) and streams while the remainder is mangroves (1,172ha). The inclusion of Manglares de Tumbes in the Ramsar List is a very important step forward in the conservation of mangroves, not only because it is at the southernmost limit of this type of wetland on the Pacific coast of South America, but also because of the ever-increasing rate of mangrove destruction for shrimp and fish farming. The area is important for the population of the vulnerable American crocodile and otter, both endangered in Peru. Waterfowl are also important in this area, as there are a number of species which do not occur elsewhere in the country. The wetland serves as a source of food for the local communities roundabout. Ramsar site no. 883. Most recent RIS information: 1996.

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    • Santuario Naciona - Los Manglares de Tumbes
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