Emajoe Suursoo Mire and Piirissaar Island

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Emajoe Suursoo Mire and Piirissaar Island

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  • Area: 
    32,600 ha
  • Designation date: 
  • Coordinates: 
    58°22'N 27°18'E
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Emajõe Suursoo Mire and Piirissaar Island. 17/06/97; Tartu County; 32,600 ha; 58°23'N 027°18'E. Mire Reserve, Zoological-Botanical Reserve. A large wilderness area of various types of peatland, rivers, lakes, coasts, and islands. Vegetation consists of fens, swamps, swamp forests, peat bogs, mixed forests, reedbeds, and agricultural areas. The site is an important spawning area for various fish species. Numerous species of vulnerable waterbirds use the site for breeding, molting or staging. The site supports several amphibian, fish, plant and bird species that are vulnerable, endangered or endemic. Human activities include fishing, farming, hunting, seasonally intensive berry picking, and boating. An extremely important area for the hydrology of Lake Peipsi. Ramsar site no. 906. Most recent RIS information: 1997.

Administrative region: 

  • National legal designation: 
    • mire reserve
    • zoological/botanical reserve
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