Tyre Beach

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Tyre Beach

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  • Area: 
    380 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    33°15'N 35°13'E
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Tyre Beach. 16/04/99; 380 ha. World Heritage Site. The Ramsar site is located within the best preserved stretch of sandy coastline in southern Lebanon; it is remarkable for its biodiversity but threatened by its proximity to the city of Tyre and the Rachidieh refugee camp. Its artesian wells are an important heritage site and give rise to a number of notable freshwater habitats. Beach vegetation is dominated by sea spurge and cotton weed, while the hillocks are dominated by shrubs, grasses and the rush, Juncus. Vegetables, citrus and palm trees are cultivated within the reserve area and irrigated with water from the artesian wells. In the summer months, the area is a popular tourist destination. The beaches of Tyre are thought to be important nesting areas for the Green Turtle and Loggerhead Turtle. Ramsar site no. 980.

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  • Global international designation: 
    • World Heritage site
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    • none
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