Signilskär-Märket Archipelago

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Signilskär-Märket Archipelago

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    22'566 ha
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    60°14'N 19°18'E
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Signilskär - Märket Archipelago. 28/05/74; Åland; 22,566 ha; 60°14'N 019°17'E. Natura 2000 SPA, Baltic Sea Protected Area. An offshore archipelago near the border with Sweden, consisting of 50 mostly treeless islands. The main island consists of extensive deciduous forest, meadows and a small mire, and the great variation of water-depth creates a rich selection of underwater biotopes. The site represents a diverse and abundant community of archipelago birds for breeding, migrating and over-wintering. Threatened birds include White-tailed Eagle and Lesser Black-backed Gull. It also provides habitat for some threatened vascular plants such as Wall Rue and Fragrant Orchid as well as for some mammal species, e.g., the Ringed Seal and Grey Seal, with more than 200 individuals in the waters near Märket Island. Oil pollution damage is the main threat, mainly from two shipping routes crossing the area. Fishing and increased boating in the breeding season also cause disturbance to birds, as well as hunting of waterfowl. Since 1927 a station for the study of migratory birds has been in operation on Signilskär Island. Ramsar site no. 5. Most recent RIS information: 2005.

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    • HELCOM Baltic Sea Protected Area
    • bird sanctuary
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    • UE Natura 2000
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