Chott Melghir

Chott Melghir

Chott Melghir

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  • Area: 
    551,500 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    34°15'N 06°30'E
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The Site is a large complex of seasonal salt lakes and pools and freshwater pools, representative of arid and hyper-arid saharan environments. It is a rare type of semi-permanent wetland in a steppe zone; it lies at one of the lowest points of the Sahara desert, at 35m below sea level. During the winter rainy season, the lake is filled by numerous wadi (periodically drying rivers), mostly from the north and north-west. A characteristic vegetated chott area, which surrounds the sebkha or salt lake, shelters vulnerable and threatened flora species, including 14 endemic species, the most notable of which are Fagonia microphylla and Oudneya africana, found only in Algeria, and Ammosperma cinerea which is endemic to southern Algeria. Some mammals frequent the Site, such as wild boars, golden jackals, hares and foxes, and it is also used for grazing.

Administrative region: 
Wilaya d'El Oued, de Biskra et de Khenchela

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