Chott de Zehrez Gharbi

Zahrez Gharbi
Zahrez Gharbi
Zahrez Gharbi
Zahrez Gharbi

Chott de Zehrez Gharbi

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    52,200 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    34°56'N 02°48'E
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Like the nearby Chott de Zehrez Chergui, the Site is an endorheic depression with numerous permanent and seasonal lakes and pools and shrub-dominated wetland, situated between the northern and southern ranges of the Atlas mountains. The sebkha (salt flat) around the chott (salt lake) supports vegetation characteristic of the high plains of the Maghreb steppe area. At least six regionally-rare sand- and salt-loving plant species are found on the Site, including Herniaria mauritanica, Cordylocarpus muricatus, Tetraena cornuta and Salicornia arabica. Apart from traditional or modern salt production, which has always been practiced in the sebkha, the pastures of Zehrez Gharbi are particulary noted for the production of beef, veal, and the local “Ouled Djelal” sheep. The neighbouring area has a subsistence cereal crop and small areas of agricultural development financed by the state.

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